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6 Health Benefits of Church Attendance

Many people attend church on Easter and Christmas and rarely throughout the rest of the year. Perhaps you attended regularly when your kids were younger, but when they left the house, you started going less often. What you might not know is that regular church attendance can actually provide a host of health benefits for individuals of all ages–but especially for middle-aged persons. Read on for the health benefits of church attendance.

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At a time when your health is of crucial importance, you should do everything you possibly can to boost your vitality and improve your lifespan. Church may be able to provide these and many other benefits.

You deserve to take full advantage of the benefits church can offer, but if you are still skeptical, read on for more details on how it can help. The following are just a few of many ways church attendance can improve your health and your life by providing a resource for spirituality, socialization and routine in your life.

Improve Your Psychological Health

It has long been supposed the church is psychologically beneficial to its members, but recent studies have been instrumental in finally providing evidence supporting these claims. According to Spirituality in Higher Education, there are various ways that church and religion can “positively impact a person’s mental health.”

Your psychological wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbeing, and the two are codependent in many ways. Attending an organization such as the way international is one of the best ways middle-aged people can invest in their mental health and wellness for both long-term health and immediate benefits.

Develop Morals and Manners

Morality and manners might not seem imperative to a person’s health, but they are, in fact, distinctly beneficial to your general well-being. According to the Huffington Post, manners and well-being “go hand in hand.” As a middle-aged person, you might think that mastery of morality is the domain of younger people, but it is always a good idea to ground your sense of right and wrong in a community context and with spiritual justification. Morality and manners are some of the most beneficial principles that can be derived from attending a church such as the way international regularly.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that attending church regularly can make you feel better about yourself, too? Indeed, studies suggest that a heightened sense of self-esteem is linked to going to church. This may sound surprising, but it shouldn’t; church connects you with a supportive community of friends and spiritual leaders. With a second family by your side, of course, you are likely to feel more confident. Self-esteem is inextricably linked to your physical health, too. Feeling better about yourself is likely to help you feel physically better. That’s certainly a win-win and a great reason to start attending a local church.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

According to Live Science, a study initiated in Norway has linked lower blood pressure to regular church attendance. The study elaborates of prior research that has provided the same conclusions, too. This should be of particular interest to anybody over the age of 50; blood pressure tends to spike after you get over the hill. If you want to manage it, though, church attendance–along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen–might be the key. Lowering your blood pressure can accompany losing weight and prolonging your lifespan, so it’s well worth the investment to spend Sundays in church.

Infuse Your Life With Discipline

You might be surprised by what an impact discipline can have on your life. Indeed, the routine of attending church every week and interacting with a congregation can have a great effect on your overall health and well-being. Discipline correlates to purpose, and maintaining a sense of purpose in your life is integral to staying happy and healthy. Church can provide opportunities to get involved in charity work, take classes and participate in a range of other community-oriented activities that will benefit your health. Discipline and community involvement are key to maintaining optimal well-being for middle-aged people.

Boost Your Immune System

Just as church attendance can lower your blood pressure, studies have found that those who attend regularly benefit from stronger immune systems, too. This might be attributed to a range of phenomena, but perhaps the support provided by a church community serves as motivation for healthier living and better choices. No matter what the exact cause of this benefit is, though, it is clear that your immune system–and your health as a whole, too–can benefit greatly from attending services and getting involved with a congregation at your local church.

Every person should be proactive about protecting their health, but this is especially true of middle-aged people who may experience increased health risks. Going to church and infusing your life with spirituality is a surefire way to reclaim your well-being and invest in feeling your best.

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