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6 Health Benefits Of Running 5 Minutes Every Day

6 Best Health Benefits Of Running Just 5 Minutes Every Day

Running is one of the most convenient and best ways to get fit and healthy. Today, I’ll give you a rundown on the best health benefits of running.

running benefits, live healthyMany people nowadays want to get fit, especially since there’s a growing number of obese people all over the world.

However, finding a good starting point on where to begin your fitness can be difficult. This is why starting to get fit may be the most difficult step.

If there’s one good start for every workout, it’s improving your conditioning. Improving your conditioning will lead you to have more ease in performing other exercises. So what are some of the best conditioning exercises? Well, none other than running.

6 Best Health Benefits of Running: What You Need to Know

1. Convenience To Your Body

I’ll start off with the convenience of running as our first on the list. This is because if there’s one significant aspect of running, it’s that almost everyone can do it, anytime, and anyplace.

Unless you have a disability, running is more likely suitable for you than any other exercise. Also, you can do this exercise just outside your house or at a park. Just remember to choose a safe terrain to run on.

Many injuries can happen from running outside. Having good shoes for your shin splints will help prevent damage.

If you live in a busy area that’s not good for running, choosing your treadmill is a good idea.

Doctors frequently recommend running or jogging to many of their older patients. That alone should be a good indicator of the health benefits of running.

woman running exercise, benefits of runnning

2. Conditions You To Do Other Exercises

As we previously mentioned, running is an excellent example of cardiovascular exercises which affects your conditioning.

If you’re planning to get serious in your workouts, you’ll do a lot more strenuous activities. Examples of these are lunges, dips, and squats.

For maximum conditioning, it’s always ideal to incorporate running at least 5 minutes into your routine. Just ask any coach of sports teams like basketball or football.

Running is one of the first workout routines that athletes do. After all, it greatly enhances your stamina and strength.

3. Helps You Lose Weight

If you’ve watched “The Biggest Loser” or any show with a theme of weight loss, you’ll know running is essential to it. Running is an excellent way to bring your weight down by a significant margin.

Some calories you can burn while running depends on the miles that you drive. A good one-mile run is said to make you lose 100 calories. The average time to run a mile is 10 minutes, so if you run for 5 minutes every day, you’ll burn 350 calories in a week!

4. It’s Good For The Heart

Heart attacks are one of the most notorious killers out there that have taken the lives of many. Bad cholesterol intake along with unhealthy fats and sugars can cause you to be susceptible to heart attacks.

This is where running can help you. Science proves that running can reduce the chances of heart attacks and heart diseases. Running helps you to improve blood pressure and sugar sensitivity.

Moreover, there are a lot of studies that show runners have a longer lifespan than non-runners.

5. It Strengthens Your Bones And Joints

This here is one of the more underrated health benefits of running. What many may not know is this can strengthen your bones and joints. Again, this benefit is mainly the reason why doctors encourage aging people to go out and have a little run.

One of the main benefits that running gives you for your bones is it prevents the loss of bone mass. Also, it increases the bone mass you have which helps you as you age.

Although there are misconceptions that your knees will get worn out if you run, there are studies that suggest this is not true. In fact, many researchers claim that running improves your knees healthy.

6.  It Makes You Happier

Have you felt refreshed after working out or even just going for a quick run? Well, that’s because running can also improve your psychological health.

Running and other exercises can increase your chances of happiness by enhancing your sleep quality, mood, and focus.

There are a lot more people who get depressed when they stay in their beds and do nothing. Getting up and going for a quick run has been known to be an excellent anti-depressant. If you’re feeling lonely by running alone, tag a friend with you too!

Wrapping It Up

Running is a fundamental exercise that no person should think about skipping. It’s health benefits are off the charts that this article isn’t enough to sum it up.

There are far more health benefits that it can give you, but the bottom line is that it’s known to increase your years.

Moreover, people tend to forget that running does not only make you physically fit, but it makes your mind more focused and sharp.

It’s a good way to calm down and avoid stress as well as depression. So why not run for even just 5 minutes a day? Get running and enjoy!

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