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5 Economical Ways to Shop Spring!

Spring can be an intoxicating time for women.  It basically has the Dorothy-effect…you know, she walked out of monotone Kansas into an explosion of color in Oz!  Her face shows early pleasure to the bright, glowing landscape with dancing munchkins and blue sky. However, even Dorothy knew she must eventually go home.  We come out of dark, heavy clothing covering every part of our bodies to fields of florals, bohemian prints, and pastels.  However, does our home-style – our personal style – allow for the sensory overload?

5 Economical Ways to Shop Spring!

Harper’s Bazaar, April 2015, Fabulous at Any Age Edition,  Lisa Armstrong says, “Maybe another key to getting it right at any age as Annabel Holden, a personal stylist and former model, believes is that the basis of style is an understanding of not only who you are, but also the kind of woman you want to project. ‘Don’t ever try and compete with a younger woman on the age proportion, she says, ‘Why would you want to when you can outrun them by looking sleeker, more stylish and generally better dressed?’”  You don’t need ruby slippers to turn heads…remember, they were left in Oz.

We first must understand our personal, home- base style, or spring will drag us into shopping bags full of mistakes.  For me, wearing head to toe florals on my body is as deadly as ice cream sundaes.  It is not flattering to my figure and is aging. Moderation is the key.  Please consider these five suggestions before stepping into Oz and all its enticements:

  1. Make sure to keep neutral foundations as part of a warm weather wardrobe. Properly fitting denim, black, brown, gray, and white pants and skirts should be year round. Resist temptation to put dark colors away.  If you do not have them already, then start here, shopping with the foundations.  In the dressing room, know what fits flatter your figure in pants and skirts….and stick to them.
  2. If you would like some spring color, but it scares you, then purchase a top in coral. Coral is a universal color which flatters all women. It is always in-style and can easily be worn into fall. The saturated colors of burgundy, navy, and emerald green are also big this year and can go into other seasons.
  3. Use accessories to introduce prints and vibrant colors. A floral scarf is a great touch for a neutral based wardrobe.  Handbags and shoes are on shelves in beautiful colors right now…greens, blues, reds, and corals.  Shoes in metallic, gold or silver, can brighten a winter dreary wardrobe.  It costs less to buy an accessory than a head to toe spring outfit.
  4. I have seen sale prices everywhere. Sign up for emails from your favorite stores and designers so you get heads up when specials are about to begin.  Watch for coupons and do not be ashamed to use them.   Some retailers also have free shopping clubs…join them.  They will give you discounts and are completely worth it.  Some of these clubs also provide free shipping.
  5. Finally, do not look down your nose at thrift and consignment shopping. This is another great way to pick up quality, expensive clothing for next to nothing.  Spring has always been on trend and can be found, sometimes with tags still on the clothes, at your local thrift and consignment stores.   This is a perfect way to experiment with new colors, and find ways to go outside of your comfort zone with fashion which will not break the bank.

Breathe in the refreshing air and floral scents, but be careful not to let them lead down a yellow brick road to new lands filled with bad clothing decisions. Understand the main messages you want to send with clothing and then go out with a plan in mind.

Does anyone else have a way they celebrate spring with clothing?  Sit down, and chat awhile.  Thanks for stopping by the Joy Boutique.  See you next week., midlife, columnist, blogger

Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I'm so ready for spring clothes! Great advice here, as usual. Over the weekend I found two lovely Ann Taylor skirts at Goodwill - the tags were still on, and they were $5 each!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Hello Pam...brilliant advice as always...I'm all for breathing in the fresh air and the floral scents (although we're not experiencing that yet, here in London...gale force winds instead!!) I'm a neutral lover with a pop of colour...certainly not going to head down the yellow brick road :) Happy Tuesday xx


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I so appreciate your practical and appealing approach to fashion! Genius!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

I look forward every year to changing my wardrobe from fall/winter to spring/summer. I live where I need things that transition since winter hangs on (and on and on) and spring comes slowly. So you want a lighter overall look, but still need to be warm. It can be a challenge. For me, it's just the process of bringing out the lighter colors, the pastels, and packing away the sweaters and heavier jackets that is uplifting and confirms that spring will one day arrive. I have a basically neutral wardrobe like you mention, but do mix it up with my tops. And I love to wear dresses to work and love florals, but they have to be the right kind. I stay far, far away from the matronly prints and tend to go with the more abstract, larger prints. For example, Talbots is showing some gorgeous florals for spring and summer in their dresses and I will be adding one or two. I tend toward feminine so love the florals, but believe me, I'm careful with the print! Coral, I agree completely, is universally flattering and I do have this in my wardrobe! And I LOVE floral shoes!!

Carol Cassara

Tuesday 31st of March 2015

Always the best advice on fashion! Today is no different.

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