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10 Reasons I Love My Husband

It’s a day for love…to the tune of an estimated $18 billion dollars. That’s a lot of hearts and flowers. And a lot of chocolate. I hope everyone gets some of both.
I don’t buy into Valentine’s Day–I never come close to spending the national average of $116 per person— even before the economy tanked. But I’m still sentimental, and I want the people I love to know it. So if you don’t want to spend big but you love big, you can do what I’m doing this year for my husband:

10 Reasons I love you:

1. You make the coffee every morning—and bring me a cup when I wake up.
2. You love my children as if they’re your own.
3. You don’t snore.
4. You don’t mind seeing chick flicks.
5. You still thought I was sexy when I lost my breasts –and my hair.
6. You never complain if we eat takeout every night.
7. You’re willing to pick up the takeout every night.
8. You listen. Even if you forget more than half of what I say.
9. You clean up the mess when the cat throws up.
10. You always read my blog so I know you’ll see this list.
As for me— I don’t care what I get on Valentine’s Day– I feel loved every day. (Although a little chocolate would be nice.)
Happy Valentine’s Day to all—remember the best way to get love is to give love.

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Anne Parris

Friday 14th of February 2014

Pretty close to my list! We've got keepers.

Claudia Schmidt

Friday 14th of February 2014

Very sweet! Mine was sooo good through my Breast cancer, when I was bald and with my crazy scars. This is so much more real than a lot of the hoopla going on about Valentine's day. Made my day.

Joan Stommen

Friday 14th of February 2014

Love it! Exactly the kind of list I'd have made for my husband! I hope your guy sees this......the best gift is your appreciation! Happy Day to you both.

Vaughn Feather

Friday 14th of February 2014

Hi Joan. Darryle's husband here. Can't speak for your husband, but if I get some appreciation once or twice a year and good 'snuggling', I'm a happy camper. Most guys are pretty simple.

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