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10 Money Saving Ideas for Beauty Products

Many midlife women love cosmetics and beauty products – but  they can be very expensive. Savvy Brown has great tips for saving money on your favorite things for looking and feeling your best. Read more from Savvy on her blog, Savvy Brown.

10 Money Saving Ideas for Beauty Products

  1. Make your own – I make my own toner, face masks, and body scrubs out of items I tend to have around the house.

  2. Use night cream as day cream – Instead of buying a separate night cream and day cream, I’ll use a moisturizer like this one mixed with a dab of organic aloe vera gel, to wear during the day, and full strength at night.

  3. DIY Tinted Moisturizer – Instead of buying tinted moisturizer. Take your cream foundation and mix it with a bit of your moisturizer and boom, sheer coverage with a hint of color. If you want UV protection mix in a drop of sunscreen.*

  4. Get samples – I try to use samples of my favorite beauty products whenever possible. Department stores and places like Sephora always will give you samples if you ask. (they’re great to travel with too!)

  5. Cut Face Wipes in Half – This makes them last longer and save you money too! You really don’t need the large size ones for your entire face. Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes are great for travel.

  6. Get a polish change instead of a manicure – Gel manicures are pretty toxic, not to mention expensive, so I don’t get them. So I’ll either do my own nails, or if I get a manicure. I’ll ask for a polish change. It’s quicker, cheaper, safer and doesn’t expose you to the myriad of bacteria that can be found on manicurist’s tools.

  7. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten teeth – The active ingredient in most tooth whiteners is hydrogen peroxide. A capful of this drugstore basic mixed with ¼ cup of water makes a great whitening mouthwash. An alternative is to soak your toothbrush in peroxide then brush with toothpaste as usual.

  8. Don’t wear full makeup every day – I only sport full makeup on special occasions, or if I’m going to be on camera. Otherwise the most I’ll hae on my face is concealer, tinted moisturizer, eyeliner and mascara.

  9. Drink more water – The more water you drink the more toxins can be washed from your system and the clearer your skin looks. Clear skin=less makeup. It’s a win win!

  10. Dilute your shampoo – Consumers tend to use too much shampoo at once anyway. Save money by pouring half of the bottle into another container and adding water. You won’t even notice the difference in terms of how clean your hair gets.


*This post contains affiliate links. However, I have actually used and like, these products*

Savvy Brown

I believe being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, being green can be easy and being broke isn’t an option. I’m a little obsessed with how things work, how things are made, how things grow and how they affect us. I’m always looking for ways to save money, look good, keep my house clean and keep my weight down. I’ve decided to challenge myself by minimizing the use of anything unhealthy in or on my body, or in my house. Even if I have to make it myself. Instagram: savvybrownblog

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