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10 Engaging Websites You Should Not Miss

We are all so busy, how do we have time to add new websites to the ones we already read? However, I am fairly sure you will be happy that I shared these 10 websites with you. From these combined websites you will relive memories, get helpful tips and advice, learn or teach, read about pop culture and be amazed with strange, yet intelligent stories.

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Here are 10 engaging websites you should not miss (alphabetical order):

1.1000 Awesome Things – Each day, for 1,000 days, the authors of the website post about something awesome. They began with 1,000 and are counting day to number one. Very popular and fun website.

2. An Archive of Book Cover Designs and Designers – If you are a book lover or a designer, this website is for you. This archive is “for the appreciation and categorization of excellence in book cover design.” One tip: When browsing, unless you want to spend a lot of time looking at new book covers, click randomize below the book covers.

3. Archive of American Television – This website contains an archive of over 750 filmed interviews with legends of television. New interviews are added every year, and they are all available to the public for viewing. You can watch interviews with actors, writers, directors and producers.

4. Buzzfeed – If you want to keep up with all the entertainment, life, tech, and other news that might be going viral, Buzzfeed is your destination. This is more of a website to have fun with the news. And you will be able to discuss this news with your teens or young adults.

5. Concert Vault – If you love music and concerts, you will flip over this website. Concert Vault has the world’s greatest collection of vintages concert recordings. All tapes have been restored to the highest quality. You can watch these videos from your computer, ipad, iPhone or Android apps. You get 3 days to try out the service for free. After that, membership is $4 a month or $40 a year. They have videos of The Who, The Band, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and so many, many more artists. And, you can see the date and location of the concert. Who knows, you might get to relive a concert you attended.

6. Curious – Curious was formed to connect people with skills to teach to lifelong learners. The courses are mostly of the continuing education variety. Many of the teachers had the skills and knowledge to teach but didn’t have a platform. Lessons are given on videos. Some are free and others are usually not more than a few dollars. Check out the website and see if you might consider taking a class or possibly creating one.

7. Google Cultural Institute – Google has put the world’s cultural treasure at your fingertips. Explore the Art Project, Historic Moments or World Wonders. In the Art Project, you can browse by collection, artist or artwork, or else run a search. In World Wonders you can browse by location or collections and in Historic Moments you can choose collections or view everything. You switch between these three amazing project by clicking on the arrow on the top far left.

8. LifeScoop – This is one of my favorite websites for how-to advice. It is not too technical and most of the topics are relevant to a large number of people. LifeScoop is not geared to just one demographic. An example of a recent post is 6 Best Apps for Food Lovers. Quick and easy posts that are helpful.

9. Mental Floss – They call themselves “an intelligent read, but not too intelligent.” However it is great fun. They include stories to make you smile, to feed your right brain, to nurture your left brain, indulge your scattered brain and spin the globe. Mental Floss offer amazing facts, big questions, list, quizzes and knowledge. How can you not check this website out?

10. Playbill Memory Bank – Fans of Broadway shows will adore this site. Do you love your Playbills? Don’t they bring back memories? Have you lost any or neglected to save them? The Playbill Memory Bank allows you to find the digital playbills of every Broadway (and some off-Broadway) shows you’ve seen and create a free account to store them in. If you want you can add details such as who you saw the show with and the date. If you click on the Playbill you will be able to read the relevant show pages from that Playbill. What a fabulous website.

I hope you found at least a few new websites to add to your collection. If there are any websites that you think belong on this list, please add them in the comments.

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Jennifer Wagner

In addition to writing two blogs, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology and her new blog, Technology at Any Age, Jennifer Wagner has also published a book, The Gamer Generation: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games. She also writes about technology in education and social good on her blogs. She is married and lives in NYC and has two grown sons. Instagram: jenwag57

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Claudia Schmidt

Thursday 27th of March 2014

Great group of sites to follow. I only knew about Buzzfeed, the rest seem very interesting and worth looking into, thanks!

Walker Thornton

Thursday 27th of March 2014

Always fun to find new sites...there are couple here I've never heard of. Thanks Jennifer.

Roz Warren

Thursday 27th of March 2014

More fabulous internet timewasters! Thanks!

Helene Cohen Bludman

Thursday 27th of March 2014

These look like fun sites to peruse. I am already a fan of Buzzfeed and Mental Floss but I didn't know about the others. Thanks!

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