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10 Delicious & Easy Weight Watchers Desserts

Weight Watchers Desserts!

Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. All the Weight Watchers desserts below are easy and many are one point per serving!

weight watchers desserts

Only one point each, these Weight Watchers brownies are made in a silicon mold pan, for portion control. Plus since they are baked with unsweetened apple sauce, you are getting a little extra nutrition with your chocolate brownie treat.

Looking for gluten-free brownies? Try these mocha brownies.

weight watchers desserts brownies one point each


2-Chocolate Cupcakesweight watchers desserts chocolate cupcakes

3- Apple Bundt Cakeweight watchers desserts apple bundt cake

4- Pumpkin Pieweight watchers desserts pumpkin pie

5- Nutella Cookies

6- Mini Brownie Bites

7- Key Lime Bars

8- Lemon Cupcakes

9- Peach Cobbler

10- Mint Fluff

Which dessert will you choose?

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